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Posted on 10th Dec at 2:11 PM, with 2 notes

I found this letter when I was walking in my dorm.

The letter says:

Hey there you!

I hope you’re having a wonder filled day. If you’re feeln’ blue, remember there’s only exams left, and then you get a break. Which is what everyone needs right now. Until then, make sure you take care of yourself this week! Sure, exams are stressful, but it’s nothing to get sick over! Keep calm, carry on, and Kick Ass! Have a wonderful break! Merry Christmas/ Hannukah [sic]/ Kwanza/ Festivous

Your friend,



I guess this letter for an online initiative called The website urges people to write letters in order to spread joy. It’s kind of cool. This letter did make me feel better. I might pay it forward and write my own.

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